How I started Hijama, I started when I became very ill and I suffered for so many years couldn’t overcome my problems. Then I remember my father telling me about the Sunna and how effective Hijama was. One afternoon I sat and Googled Hijama got myself booked and got it done I was surprised how I felt so relieved instantly.

I slept after a long time I felt a lot of burden had lifted off my shoulders.

So I decided I have to get trained and apply this accordingly and Alhumdulillah as I’m very gifted for curing people since childhood I opened my clinic and started to treat my clients. I now have five clinics and still expanding across UK, Europe and Pakistan.

Super Sonic detox gives you a new you. It’s super science which goes back in time when trying out new healing techniques were at peak horizon. Hijama cupping Therapy will get rid of bad toxins and remove diseases and it is an effective form of pain relief and strengthens the body. Cupping is super Sonic powerful detox for your body and leaves you feeling strong and revitalized.

SS BOSSLADY – Shehzadi Sultan

Practitioner, Banking Finance Graduate, Singer, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Female Activist, Director (SSAT), Owner of Hijama Health Clinic & Herbs Ltd. Education Philosophy, Diploma in Counselling, Management, Teaching ESOl & Customer Service Level III.